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1. The Bible Unearthed (eBook): Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Isreal and the Origin of Sacred Texts
by Israel Finkelstein 
Price: USD 7.68
Site: Waterstones UK
Format: Epub
Description:Publish Date: Publish Date: 06/03/2002 orig 5.99 GBP to USD 7.68 are calculated base on 1 GBP = 1.282 USD 

2. The Bible Unearthed
by Israel Finkelstein 
Price: USD 10.99
Site: CyberRead
Format: Adobe ePub/ Mobipocket
Description:Is the Bible true? For the last hundred and fifty years a war has been waged over the historical reliability of the Hebrew scriptures. Recent dramatic discoveries of biblical archaeology have cast serious doubt on the familiar account of ancient Israel and the origins of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Though the ... ISBN: 9780743223386 0743223381 

3. The Bible Unearthed
by Israel Finkelstein 
Price: USD 15.00
Site: CyberRead
Format: Microsoft Reader/ Adobe PDF
Description:In the past three decades, archaeologists have made great strides in recovering the lost world of the Old Testament. Dozens of digs in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon have changed experts' understanding of ancient Israel and its neighbors -- as well as their vision of the Bible's greatest tales. Yet ... ISBN: 9780743223386 9780743223386 

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