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1. Dr Who: The Pocket Essential Guide
by Mark Campbell 
Price: USD 5.26
Site: Whsmith UK
Format: PDF
Description:List price: £ 5.87 orig 4.10 GBP to USD 5.26 are calculated base on 1 GBP = 1.282 USD 

2. Dr Who - The Pocket Essentials Guide
by Mark Campbell 
Price: USD 7.99
Site: CyberRead
Format: Microsoft Reader/ eReader/ Adobe PDF
Description:The story of Doctor Who is the story of British television in the final third of this century. It is also the story of the hopes and fears of generations of children - and grown-ups too - from the counter-culture 60s to the shallow waters of the 90s. Along the ... ISBN: 9781904048534 9781904048534 9781904048534 

3. Dr Who - The Pocket Essential Guide
by Mark Campbell 
Price: USD 9.99
Site: CyberRead
Format: Mobipocket
Description:Who is Who? A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey with two hearts and thirteen lives? A folk hero who entertained and enthralled us in the warm glow of our TV sets on dark winter evenings? A rebellious iconoclast who toppled corrupt dictatorships and freed the oppressed? Or a bumbling ... ISBN: 9781904048534 

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